I-ACT Partnership

Chinese-American Railway Transportation Joint Research Center

CRRC Corporation Limited, of Beijing, China, has 46 wholly-owned & majority-owned subsidiaries and more than 180,000 employees. It is the world’s largest supplier of rail transportation equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies.

CRRC’s mission is to engage world-class faculty and researchers at Illinois and state-of-art technologies and practice at CRRC to promote basic and advanced research and development in railway transportation, with a specific focus on engineering technologies for high-speed railway, intercity and urban rail transportation and freight rail transportation in China and the United States.




Illinois Center
for Transportation

ICT, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s transportation research center founded in 2005, steers the development and implementation of cost-effective mobility technologies, improves safety and reliability, reduces congestion and minimizes environmental impacts while returning taxpayers’ dollars.

Building I-ACT will leverage Illinois’ current status as a connector hub for multimodal transit to position Illinois as a global leader for testing and commercializing autonomous systems, not only in freight but also in agriculture, aviation, urban and suburban settings. Visionary leadership and commitment to robust technology and its implementation will create new jobs, improve mobility and public safety, and introduce new technologies to Illinois and the global community. 


Northwestern University Transportation Center

Northwestern University Transportation Center is a leading interdisciplinary education and research institution serving the industry, government and public.

Founded in 1954, NUTC makes substantive and enduring contributions to the movement of materials, people, energy and information. It aims to influence national and international transportation policy, management, operations and technological developments.