Frequently Asked Questions about Documentation Certification

Scheduling questions

1. When will I receive my email from Meazure Learning to schedule my exam?

Check the schedule here.  Also, please ensure that your email client does not direct the email from Meazure Learning to your junk or spam folders.  You can do this by making a "Safe Sender" (also known as "whitelisted") using your email settings.  

For Corporate Email Systems: If you access your email through a corporate or organizational system, you may need to contact your IT department to whitelist the domain.

Gmail: Gmail occasionally blocks messages from ICT.  To configure Gmail to allow email messages from ICT or any other domain, see our Gmail Whitelisting Instructions. 

2. How long do I have to complete the exam?

Until the last available scheduling date and time in the Meazure  Learning online scheduling system.

Check the schedule here.

3. How do I schedule my exam?

Registrants use the email from Meazure  Learning to access the Meazure  Learning online scheduling system and schedule their exams.

4. How do I know my exam is scheduled?

Upon the completion of scheduling an exam, registrants will receive a confirmation email from Meazure Learning. The confirmation will provide the following information.

  1. The date, time, and location of the testing appointment.
  2. The registrant password.
  3. A list of items that candidates should and should not bring to the test site.
  4. Information regarding an online tutorial for registrants so that they may familiarize themselves with the online test delivery system prior to the scheduled test date.

5. Can I reschedule from a testing site to an online exam?
A registrant may reschedule from a test site testing appointment to live remote proctoring testing appointment, provided the registrant is within his/her eligibility period.

The registrant must reschedule the testing appointment no later than two (2) calendar days in advance of his/her scheduled test site testing appointment. The candidate must reschedule the new live remote proctoring testing appointment by accessing Service Provider online test scheduling system.

Rescheduling candidates will be charged a $50 rescheduling fee payable via secure e-commerce (credit card) and collected by Service Provider.

The candidate must schedule his/her new live remote proctoring testing appointment no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment date and time.

6. When will I be notified of my exam score? 
You will be notified of your exam score within 7 days of taking your exam.  If you pass the exam (score 70 and above), you will receive your certificate in the same email.  If you fail the exam (score below 70), you will receive an email indicating your score. 

Exam questions

7. Where can I access the course materials and video modules?

Course materials can be found on our Course Materials page.

8. How long is the exam?

2 ½ hours.

9. Once I begin the online exam, can I “pause” the timer and come back to the exam later

No. Once the exam begins, you have 2.5 continuous hours to complete it.

10. When is registration for the next exam period?

Check the schedule here.

11. Is the exam open book/notes?

Yes. You may use the spec book, notes, course documents, and any printed materials. In addition, electronic non-web-based PDF documents that are stored on your computer's local hard drive are acceptable.  Additionally, the exam itself has our course materials embedded into the Meazure Learning system, so access is convenient while you take the exam through their approved portal. 

Examples of accepted materials:

  • Printed PDFs
  • Electronic PDFs (saved to hard drive)

Examples of unaccepted materials:

  • Word/Excel documents
  • Resources that require the internet or a network connection to access

12. What are the rules on electronics for the online exam?

Only one screen is allowed. No mobile devices allowed during the exam.

13. Are there limitations on the type of calculator that can be used?

You may use the calculator that is built-in to the examination or you may bring a physical calculator for use during the examination.  Candidates are not allowed to use calculators with the following functionalities: send/receive data, scan documents, take pictures, or communicate with any other device.

14. When can I expect my exam results?

You will be notified of your exam score within 7 days of taking your exam.  If you pass the exam (score 70 and above), you will receive your certificate in the same email.  If you fail the exam (score below 70), you will receive an email indicating your score.

Documentation of Contract Quantities questions

1. How long is my certificate valid?

Certificates are valid for four years. Certificates do not expire for local agency or Illinois Department of Transportation employees who take the class and pass the exam, as long as they are continuously employed by either a local agency or the Illinois Department of Transportation. If an employee of a local agency or the Illinois Department of Transportation leaves for employment with a private company, their certificate expires four years from the most recent certification date.

2. Is there a retest option?

No. Registrants enroll in the online exam and pay the associated fee each time to attempt certification or recertification. The retest option is no longer available.

3. What is the fee for this class?

Current fees are at the bottom of the main page.

4. What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is at the bottom of the main page.

5. Do you accept substitutions or transfers?

Not at this time.

6. What should I study to prepare for the exam?

Review the Documentation Guide, Project Procedures GuideConstruction Manual, and Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. Also review the Documentation Appendix and Workbook that are listed with the Documentation Guide on the Course Materials page and the math refresher links.

Additionally, course materials and video modules can be found on our Course Materials page.

7. How do I know if I’m registered after I fill out the form and give my credit card information?

You will receive a receipt for the credit card transaction (including a transaction ID) immediately and confirmation of your registration within five business days via email.

If you do not have a transaction ID, you are not registered.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please notify

8. Are there waiting lists available?

Not at this time.

9. Can I have a copy of my test?

No, tests are not distributed and questions will not be answered about your test. Grades are non-negotiable and will not be changed.

10. Can I bulk register attendees for my office?

For non-state agencies, no. 

11. How many Professional Development Hours can I earn by taking the course?

Professional Development Hours are awarded based on successful completion of the exam and the amount of participation time. Individuals earn 14 PDHs for passing the certification exam.

If unsuccessful in obtaining certification you must pay the associated fee and register for another exam period.

12. Since IDOT employees are certified as long as they work for the state, after initially passing the documentation course, how do they make sure they are certified when leaving the department?

State employees should make sure they take an exam prior to leaving the department if they want to be certified upon departure.

It is the responsibility of the state employee to check their certification expiration date. If four years has expired, then an exam is mandatory.

13. Does this training cover IDOT’s CMMS (Construction and Materials Management System) training?

No, CMMS training is taught at the district level. Please contact your respective IDOT District Contract Support office as to who provides this training. For IDOT District contact information, click here

14. What happens if my certificate expires?

If your certificate expires, it is no longer valid, and you are not certified to be the documentation person on IDOT projects.

Other Questions?