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New ICT-IDOT reports, projects

7/22/2020 McCall Macomber

Illinois Center for Transportation is pleased to announce the publication of reports for the following Illinois Department of Transportation-sponsored projects:

R27-177: Dynamic Travel Time Estimation for Northeast Illinois Expressways
This project aims to provide drivers with more accurate travel times by investigating data from Chicago’s expressways.

R27-189: Data Trends and Variability in Quality Control for Performance and Pay for Performance Specifications: Statistical Analysis
Researchers use statistical analysis to determine the variability between two payment methods for contractors in Illinois. The project aims to identify the causes of the variability and recommend methods for reducing them.

R27-189: Case Studies Using Quality Control for Performance and Pay for Performance Specifications: Field Observations
Researchers visit and analyze 11 sites during the 2018 construction season to determine causes and variations of contractor pay incentives and/or disincentives. The results will provide observed best practices to improve pay factors and enhance pavement quality.


ICT is also excited to announce the start of the following IDOT-sponsored projects:

R27-214: 3D Image Analysis Using Deep Learning for Size and Shape Characterization of Stockpile Riprap Aggregates — Phase 2
Here researchers seek to develop a machine-vision technology to determine the size and shape of riprap — rock or other material used to protect shorelines from erosion. Through their efforts, engineers will be able to use smart devices to assess riprap qualities.

R27-215: Analyzing the Impacts of a Successful Diffusion of Shared e-Scooters and Other Micromobility Devices and Efficient Management Strategies for Successful Operations in Illinois
Here researchers seek benefits of micromobility devices such as e-scooters, e-bikes and electric skateboards. They will propose policies and strategies to adopt these technologies.

R27-218: Railroad-highway Crossing Safety Improvement Evaluation and Prioritization Tool
This project aims to develop a new model to improve the safety of railroad-highway crossings.

R27-227: Moisture Content and In-place Density of Cold Recycle Treatments
Researchers will monitor the moisture content and density of an emulsified asphalt mixture during curing. A model will propose assistance in traffic-opening time decision-making.

R27-SP43: Aggregate Subgrade Improvements Using Quarry Byproducts: A Field Investigation
This project uses real traffic loads and environmental conditions to investigate the performance of aggregate subgrade improvements with quarry byproducts. The results will update IDOT’s practice for pavement construction and rehabilitation.

R27-SP44: Hot-mix Asphalt Pothole Maintenance Best Practices
This study guides the repair of hot-mix asphalt potholes as well as assesses current IDOT practices and trainings.