Next stop, innovation: Glide through I-ACT's completed design

4/25/2024 Kent Reel

Discover the completed design of the Illinois Autonomous and Connected Track (I-ACT).

I-ACT is designed to be a groundbreaking facility for testing electrified, connected and autonomous vehicles, featuring a net-zero energy, high-speed track capable of simulating various mobility environments.

Led by the Illinois Center for Transportation and supported by a consortium of partners, I-ACT is set to transform the landscape of smart mobility.

Positioned at the nexus of critical transportation networks, I-ACT is poised to make Illinois a leader in the development and commercialization of advanced mobility and alternative energy solutions.

The business and design plans for I-ACT are finalized, and construction documents are 95% complete, allowing for any further modifications.

For an overview of I-ACT’s capabilities and its anticipated impact on the future of transportation, visit