Frequently Asked Questions about Documentation Certification

      1. How many spaces are available in each class?
        • Each class will have a certain number of consultant, local, and IDOT spaces allotted, so early registration is highly recommended. The number of spots available is shown on the registration page. If no spots for a class are available, you will have the option to be put on a wait list, and will be contacted if a spot opens up.
      2. How long is my certificate valid?
        • The certificate is valid for 4 years for consultants. The certificate does not expire for local agency or IDOT employees who take the class and pass the test.
      3. Can I renew my certificate without retaking the class?
        • Yes. A person certified can retake the Documentation exam (re-test) once within 4 months of expiration to recertify without retaking the class. Once a certificate has expired by more than 4 months or if the individual fails the retest, the individual must attend the class to become certified again. It is each individual’s responsibility to retest close to the expiration date. Retest fee is $100 for consultants, $50 for government agencies.
      4. What is the fee for this class?
        • Consultants will be charged $350 per person; Local Agencies and IDOT personnel will be charged $50 per person. Note: Consultants doing business for local agencies will be charged $350.
      5. What is the cancellation policy?
        • An alternate may attend in your place. However, if you or an alternate attendee are unable to attend the class or retest, please cancel your reservations no later than two weeks before the class by contacting If you cancel anytime prior to two weeks of the class or re-test start date, a refund less $50 processing fee will be made. If you cancel within two weeks to the class or retest start date or do not show at the class or retest, NO refunds will be given.
      6. Do you accept substitutions or transfers?
        • Another person may attend in your place, or you may make a one-time transfer to another class, if there are any current class openings, by contacting Please let us know as far in advance as possible about substitutions or class transfers, as some class sites require attendees to bring proof that they are in the class to gain entrance. Please make all efforts to request transfers at least a week in advance of the class. If there are no other class openings on the schedule, no transfer of registration will be possible.
      7. What should I study to prepare for the test?
        • Review the Documentation Guide and the Project Procedures Guide (PPG), which are found in the Construction Manual. An online copy of the Construction Manual is available here. The PPG can be downloaded here.  Also review the Documentation Appendix and Workbook that are listed with the Documentation Guide on the Class Materials page.
      8. Should I register for class and retest at the same time?
        • No. A certification test is given at the end of each class. Retest dates are provided for students who were unsuccessful in obtaining certification at a recent class or for individuals who want to recertify within 4 months of expiration.
      9. How do I know if I’m registered for class after I fill out the form and give my credit card information?
        • You will receive a receipt for the credit card transaction immediately and confirmation of your registration within 5 business days via email. Please keep this registration confirmation, as you will receive no further notice leading up to the class date.
      10. Are there waiting lists available for each class?
        • Yes. Once a class is full, you will see an option to be put on a wait list. If a spot opens, you will get an email telling you to register. Complete your registration and payment as soon as possible to ensure you get a spot.
      11. Can I have a copy of my test?
        • No, tests are not distributed and questions will not be answered about how you did on your test. Grades are not negotiable and will not be changed.
      12. What do I need to bring to class/re-test?
        • Confirmation letter, calculator, pencils, post-it notes, notebook paper, a valid photo ID, the current version of the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. The Documentation Guide, Appendix and Workbook will be provided by the instructors. The Documentation Guide, Appendix and Workbook can also be downloaded from the Class Materials page. Absolutely no cell phones, tablets, computers, cameras, or recording devices of any sort will be allowed for the test or retest. A copy of the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction can be purchased from IDOT Manual Sales office at No copies are available at the classes or the re-tests.
      13. Can I buy a copy of the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction at the class?
        • No. You must bring one with you.
      14. How many Professional Development Hours can I earn by taking Documentation class?
        • Professional Development Hours are awarded based on successful completion of a course and the amount of participation time. Individuals earn 18 PDH’s for attending Documentation class and passing the certification test. If unsuccessful in obtaining certification during class, you may re-test once. Upon passing, a Documentation Certificate and PDH’s will be awarded. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, no certificate or PDH’s will be given. Individuals that choose to re-test within 4 months prior to expiration rather than taking the class will not be awarded PDH’s, even if they do pass the certification test.
      15. Are there classes just for local agencies?
        • No. Local agency personnel must register online just like consultants and IDOT. Early registration is recommended because slots will not be reserved for the local agencies.
      16. Since IDOT employees are certified as long as they work for the state (after initially passing the documentation course), how do they make sure they are certified when leaving the department?
        • State employees should make sure they take a retest prior to leaving the department if they want to be certified upon departure. If you pass the test then you are not required to take the Documentation class. State employees who want to retest must register on the ICT website and pay a $100 fee. Otherwise the employee has the option to attend the Documentation class for a $50 fee. It is the responsibility of the state employee to check the last time Documentation class was taken and passed. If 4 years has expired, then a retest is mandatory.

Other Questions? You may contact Greg Renshaw (for questions about instruction or retests) at  For questions about registration confirmation or cancellations, contact